A short coding exam.

We want to see how you think about putting code together and how you think about trade offs.

Home: You can do your coding exam from home. Lots of folks prefer their home environment. Questions can be asked over email (though preferably in batches as needed).

In Office: You can come into the Qwilr offices and take the coding exam. You'll be setup in one of the meeting rooms (they are nice and comfortable, air-conditioned and well lit :) This way you can ask any questions you might have, by just hopping over to a Qwilr engineer and getting some input - and you'll get a feel for the space.

Note: There is no preference on Qwilr's side as to which of these you choose, it's all about being relaxed, so you can give your best effort.

There isn't a specific "time limit" to this task - its a case of build what you can within a timeframe that seems reasonable to you.

Product Instincts.

A UX Interview.

If you show strong skills as a builder, the next step is to assess your instincts for product. 

This takes the form of a UX Interview, where we discuss a made up product and how you might think about implementing an interface for it.

The purpose is to get a sense for how you think about user experience and the construction of interfaces.

Problem Solving.

A white board technical exam.

The final step in our technical vetting process involves a white-board technical session.

Don't worry, you don't need to be an algorithms or data structures expert. What we're trying to work out here is your general aptitude for problem solving. 

Just Be Yourself.

The above may seem daunting, but we're not expecting you to be an ace front-end engineer, designer, UX thinker and technical problem solver all at once.

The spirit of these tests is to assess where your strongest skills lie (and what secret skills and abilities you might have that aren't part of the job description). 

So, don't stress, just be yourself, shine where you know you can and just do your best where you aren't as confident.

We don't know everything either :)

Why Qwilr?

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